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Louisville Brew Bus

Louisville has one of the richest beer histories in the entire country. From Pre-Prohibition German immigration until now, Louisville has embraced and celebrated a beer brewing culture that is central to the city’s unique character and identity.  Known for its Bourbon Trails, Horses, and Bats, the town has another thing to hang its hat on…beer.

For us it is all about experiencing the future while celebrating the past. We want to entertain you, introduce you to the brewing process, explain proper beer tasting techniques, and finally sample their goods.  Plain and simple, we want to dedicate an entire afternoon to beer and want you to be a part of it.  This will be a unique experience for folks who are new to craft beer, and for those more experienced patrons who want to expand their palette.

My family lineage, which starts with my Great Grandfather who owned and operated “The Boston Shoe Company” at the turn of the century, includes his Son, my Grandmother, Mother,  Aunts and Uncles that spent a good portion of their lives growing up in this town.  Our family ties are well rooted in the city and this is something I wanted to do to promote local craft beer in Louisville.

We love beer, people, history and having a good laugh.  Please join us for a special day.


Mike Stokes
Founder and President
Louisville Brew Bus